Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Chairs for Viewing the World through Time Exhibition Catalogue

  • Published by Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Chinese and English, 479pp
  • ISBN: 978-962-7213-80-2
  • Hardcover: HK$330

The exhibition catalogue Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Chairs for Viewing the World through Time features a fascinating range of chairs, from the ancient to the rare, and from the thrones of royalty to the chairs and stools of commoners. There are seats designed for special functions and professions, and chairs for ordinary men, women, children and older people.

The catalogue explores the role this everyday item has played as a cultural artifact in societies around the world and over the centuries. It offers insight into the evolution of the chairs, from the many ways in which they have been used to display status and power, to how chairs were adapted to everyday life, as a household item and in fashion, transportation, socialising, religion, values, politics, trade and cultural exchange.

Also revealed in the catalogue are interesting "chair" stories of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, the rulers and ruling classes of the East and West, renowned artists and literati, and distinguished historical figures.

This 480-page vividly designed catalogue illustrates over 600 images of artifacts and artworks which were selected from the world's leading museums, universities, libraries, archives, and private collections. The book is a great resource for research, education or pure enjoyment.