The Connoisseurship of Ming and Qing Porcelain

  • Jointly published by:

    • Forbidden City Publishing House
    • The Woods Publishing Co.

  • Author: Geng Baochang
  • 21.6 x 30.5cm
  • Language: Chinese
  • 1993, 554pp
  • HK$980.00 (Hard Back)

This book, based on the author Geng Baochang's lecture notes delivered in 1981, is compiled with plenty of illustrations. Its objective is to popularize the knowledge of connoisseurship of Chinese ceramics by thoroughly expounding the period style, basic characteristics (shape, decoration, glaze and inscription) and development pattern of porcelain of each reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Mr. Geng Baochang, an expert judge of Ming and Qing porcelain, a research member of the Beijing Palace Museum, a member of the standing committee of the National Authentication of Cultural Relics, director of the Research Society of Ancient Chinese Ceramics, has engaged in the connoisseurship and academic research of ceramics for nearly 40 years. The number of ceramics that have been handled by him is over several million pieces. He has now made a great deal of revision to this book by supplementing one third of the contents and inserting 159 colour plates. It is an indispensable tool book for those who involve in the connoisseurship of Ming and Qing porcelain.