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Vases and Planters

Flower arrangement, flower appreciation, growing flower and plants, and planter decoration have been around for over a thousand of years. The...




Kneaded Clay

Most ceramics in the National Palace Museum collection were inherited from the Qing imperial court. The Magic of Kneaded Clay: A History...



Marks on Chinese Ceramics

Revised and much-expanded edition of this extremely popular and useful guide. Contains illustration of almost 3400 marks that have a...



Ding Wares

The Decorated Porcelains of Dingzhou: White Ding Wares from the Collection of the National Palace Museum Special Exhibition (in Chinese)...



Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty:
Shen Zhou

This exhibition catalogue for the Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty: Shen Zhou introduces the four great masters of the Ming...




Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty:
Tang Yin

Tang Yin (1470-1524), style name Bohu (which was later changed to Ziwei) and sobriquet Liuru jushi, was known for his mastery of poetry and...



Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty:
Wen Zhengming

Wen Zhengming was a native of Changzhou (modern Suzhou in Jiangsu). Originally named Bi, Wen Zhengming later went by his style name...




NPM Monthly of Chinese Art
(No. 388)

The July 2015 issue is here...



Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Auction 2014

Being one of the most extensive information tool in today's auction market, this fully illustrated collection enlists artists in alphabetical order and...




Antique Auction Yearbook 2014

This volume compiles year 2013 auction results from auction houses around the world, including Christie's (worldwide), Sotheby's (worldwide...



Aesthetic Images of Ding Yanyong's Paintings

Ding Yanyong together with Lin Fengmian and Guan Liangxu were known as the 'Three Masters of Guangdong'. The present catalogue is...




Ceramics Gallery of the Palace Museum
(I, II)

Beijing Palace Museum collection of Chinese ceramics can be described as self-contained, pottery from the Neolithic to the modern potters...


The Eight Friends of Zhushan (2 Volumes)

The set published in two volumes is by far the most complete, beautiful and powerful representative work of porcelain painting...


Jiurutang Collection of Ancient Chinese Ceramics

The Jiurutang Collection, selected with great care and discrimination, strives to represent each stage of Chinese ceramics with objects of the highest...


Fine Reproduction of
Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

Limited Reproduction of Paintings
by Wu Guanzhong

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